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Planning Ahead For Your Safety 

  • Don’t pack anything fragile or valuable –  Money, jewelry, valuables, important documents, such as your passport, or prescription drugs should be carried with you. Leave all expensive jewelry and valuables at home or in safe storage.
  • Pack extra clothing with A Travel Companion  – You and your travel companion will have a change of clothes if one bag is lost. Pack toiletries and a change of clothes in your carry-on bag.
  • Make Electronic Copies of Your Documents   –   While traveling abroad, you will always want to have your documentation with you.  We recommend you make electronic copies of your medical cards, passport, plane tickets, travel insurance and visas before you leave.   Once you have them all saved electronically, email yourself the file so you will be able to access your information from a computer or smartphone.
  • We Recommend Travel Insurance – Travel insurance will ensure you have medical coverage while traveling.  Your health insurance might offer some international coverage but it may not cover you while traveling abroad.

International Scams to Watch For

  • Bargain Deal –  If the trip seems to be too good to be true…it’s too good to be true.
  • You Dropped Something –  Scammers will drop something in anticipation of an innocent traveler picking it up.   The scammers to do this to get you to bend over and  their accomplice will grab your wallet or phone out of your pocket.
  •  You Spilled Something –  This is the same as You Dropped Something.  The traveler will feel something drop on their clothes and an innocent looking person will offer to assist you with the stain while another scammer grabs your purse or wallet.
  • Group Photo Offer Using Your Camera–  A scammer will offer to take your group photo and it seems innocent but once your group is gathered for a picture, the scammer has left with your camera.
  • Fake Wifi  –  Scammers will set up fake unsecured hotspots in public places. Once travelers log in, the scammers will be able to get all your information including passwords and personal information.  Always ask the establishment what their password is to ensure you have an actual wi fi connection.
  • Credit Card Safety – Avoid using credit cards in internet cafes.  Scammers are known to commit identity theft among travelers when they stop to use the computers.  If you are going to  use the computer, pay with cash.  Always use credit cards for large purchases because the credit card company protects you from fraud.

Safety Precautions Traveling Internationally

  • Don’t Carry Everything Together – To reduce your chances of losing everything, we recommend separating your cash, credit cards and traveler’s checks into two different places on your body.  This will prevent you losing everything if somebody steals your wallet. Have two wallets, one hidden with larger bills and another accessible with small amounts for daily purchases.
  • Don’t Carry Items in Your Back Packet – Pickpocketing is common in specific areas and pickpockets do target tourists.  Do not carry anything in your back pocket including purse, hotel keys or anything.  This is a precaution to ensure you are not an easy target for pickpockets.
  • Don’t Talk to Strangers: Of course you’ll be talking to the people of the land you are visiting – that’s the best part of traveling, learning the culture.  Be aware of information you might be telling them, do not tell your life story or personal information.  Don’t talk to strangers who don’t look trustworthy, do not accept food or drink from them, and do not go somewhere with them unless they are your licensed tour guide and you’re on your booked tour.


You can trust Maranatha Tours that we have planned every aspect of your tour to ensure your safety.   We only use licensed tour guides and drivers, our offices abroad are available for your assistance and we are always available by phone during your tour.


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International Travel Tips Scams Safety Planning