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When you book your tour with Maranatha Tours Inc. you not only get one of the BEST tours available, but a tour with the BEST guides. We have hand picked our guides, and with over 40 years of experience in Pilgrimages we know you will have the BEST. The reason why these guides are the best have some common characteristics. They are great communicators, they understand and have studied the Bible, and they have kept current on 6,000 years of history and have developed an ability to take care of all passengers needs.


Malcolm Cartier: Biography

Malcolm David Cartier of Russian, Hungarian, Austrian and Welsh descent. The youngest of three brothers, was born March 18, 1948 in London, England to Jewish parents, Marie and Martyn Cartier; just two months prior to the re-birth of the State of Israel. After completion of formal education at Carmel College along the bank of the upper section of the River Thames in the heart of the British countryside, he began to study and work in the furniture industry.In June 1967, outbreak of the Six-Day Israel-Arab War, an awakening and emotional involvement paved the way to help his fellow brothers in the Promised Land. He gave of his time and abundant energy to the security of the Holy Land, by joining Israel’s Defense Forces. Soldier Malcolm and friends initiated building the first agricultural defense post in the Golan Heights along the Syrian frontier and later moved to the rural collective farm of Kibbutz Ma’ayan Baruch on the Lebanese border.

To objectively observe his situation he returned to England but felt unable to fully resettle. An impulse in 1971 inspired extensive travel across Europe which in turn stimulated an involvement in tourism, believing that peace could be obtained and realized through people observing, learning and understanding others. Continued education brought qualifications as a licensed London guide and member of the British Guild of Guide Lecturers, later representing a British travel company in Israel. Whilst becoming a concerned Israeli citizen living in Jerusalem, studies continued about the Bible, the Land, the People and culture resulting in further qualifications as an Israeli Government licensed guide-lecturer in addition a Government licensed Tourist Travel and Agency Expert. Malcolm established an impressively unique working knowledge of the Bible. Since January 1975, he has spent the years shepherding travelers and pilgrims; obviously he loves the opportunity to share with others and has been privileged to lecture several times in over half of the United States of America. He has shepherded innumerable American church pastors of diverse denominations including several past presidents of the Southern Baptist Convention, USA. Several of the church leaders of Great Britain (1977), including the late, former Archbishop of York and Canterbury, Baron F. Donald Coggan.

Married to a Jerusalem Sabra, Levana, they share similar interests of creativity, love ancient and classical art, carpentry and design. On January 26, 1981 their darling daughter Kareen Meira (which means “a ray of light from G-d’) was born; October 29, 1982 they were blessed with a handsome son, Eliran Joseph (which means “my G-d sings to me”). On October 21, 1987 and blessed again with another handsome son Eitan Asher (which means “Health and Strength”). Kareen married James Inverne August 1, 2004 and they have a son Doron Eli (which means “a present from our G-d”) born October, 1 2005.

Malcolm has been noted as one of the leading lecturers relating to the ancient Promised Land. Israel’s folklore and revival into the modern thriving nation of today, where his scholarship, enthusiasm and articulate English enhances the Bible as being live and as exciting as the day it was written.

His great desire is that many will join him and ‘Walk about Zion, go round about her, number her towers, consider well her ramparts, go through her citadels; that you may tell the next generation that this is G-d, our G-d forever and ever. He will be our guide forever.’ Psalm 48. v 13-14

Tour Guides Maranatha Tours Best Guides

Foteh Mickel: Biography

My name is Foteh Mickel, its a Greek name means light of God, even though its greek but originally i am from Italy my family came to the holy land during the crusader period 800 years ago.

I was born 1982 and I was raised in Jerusalem. I have a BA degree in elctro mechanical engineering from the University of Jordan in Amman Jordan
I worked as an engineer and my profession was renovating old buildings and churches.

I was working mainly with churches till one day I went to my wife Haneen and I told her I do not want renovate old buildings and churches, from now and on I want to renovate the living stones of Jesus Christ and from 2010 I stopped doing engineering and I went to the guiding field Haneen and I have two children, a daughter her name Joelle which means Lord is God,who was born in 2011 and a baby boy. his name Samuel, and was born in 2014 Guiding for me means to bring the bible alive because as a believingChristian the bible directs our life with peace and love.


Andre Shama: Biography

Born in Nazareth in the year 1976 . Married with 2 children .Education :
1999-2001: Certificate of authorized tour guide, Haifa tourism school.
1996-1999: B.A degree in archeology and Studies of The Land of Israel, Haifa university.

Experience : Tour guide, exclusively for the N.E.T Tours Agency since 2006.
Tour guide for different incoming tourism agencies: Emmanuel tours, Rashid tours, 2004-2006 . Tour guide for the Israeli National Parks (archeological sites and nature reserves) 2001-2004. Interpreter for the U.N in 2001 .

Personal details :
I am very interested in the ancient and modern history of the holy land, archeology, theology with a strong commitment to Christianity. I am also extremely sociable.

Languages :Arabic (mother tongue), bilingual in Hebrew, Fluently spoken and written: English and French.


Sam Makari: Biography

My Name is Sam Makari, born and raised in the old city of Jerusalem. My first language is Arabic however am fluent in English, Hebrew, Spanish and can speak and converse in German and French as well.

I am newly married, my wife name is Ala’ Maria, she is an accountant in Caritas Jerusalem, also studying for her Master degree in International Communication and Development. We have no kids so far but we certainly hope for some soon.

I started my life as a guide in 1996 when I was only 22 years old and I joined the Archeological Team of Jerusalem, following my passion to excavate the past and share it with others. Nevertheless I do not consider guiding as merely a job, I regard it as a message. I believe in God and I follow his words when He said be my wittnesses in Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria, and all over the world. So as a christian from Jerusalem I took this responsibility to share my faith, became a full-time guide, one of the only three guides that have two license from both ministries of tourism the Palastinian and the Israeli.

I have two brothers living in San Juan Puerto Rico where we own a restaurant. Both of my brothers are working in it. I went to PR in 2002 when the political situation here erupted. I’ve worked there with my brothers for a couple of year and that’s where I’ve learnt my Spanish.

I came back in 2005, and I’ve been since here, reading my bible and share my faith with other believers.

Tour Guides Maranatha Tours Best Guides

Rajai Manzo: Biography

Date of birth: September 19.1961.Place of birth: Bethlehem
Studies: high school at Lutheran School -Bethlehem 1980. Physical training- Bir Zeit University diploma 1982. Employee at Bethlehem Municipality from 1982-1990.

CETEM institute-Barcelona: 1990-1992 Julia Tours Barcelona: courses in guiding and sales. Working at Travel agency Nou Mon Barcelona 1990-1996.

Working at Net Tours Jerusalem tour operator and guide since 1996 till now. Guiding course at Bethlehem Bible College 1996-1998. Nationality: Mexican.

Free lance guide in: Arabic, Spanish, English


Roman Tyutnev: Biography

Born and in 1975 in Volgograd, Russia in a Russian-Jewish family. I have Master’s degree in Foreign Languages (English) and Management. I accepted Jesus as Lord and Savior in 1991. I was an active member of the Baptist church in Volgograd, Russia, before Lord has called me to the Land of my ancestors.

Responding to Lord’s call I came to live in Israel with my wife and two children in 2005. I graduated the Tour Guide School at Hebrew University in Jerusalem. I have been guiding groups of Evangelical Christians around the Holy Land since 2014. I am keen on history and archeology of the Land of Israel but my true passion is for the Word of God. I believe my call is to share my love for the Holy Land with everyone who comes to see it through seeing its beautiful sites, meeting its wonderful people, tasting its delicious food but most importantly by experiencing it through Holy Scriptures that comes alive as we travel through it.

Olga Smoldyreva: Biography

I was born in Russia and got my degrees, got married, and gave birth to my firstborn son there.

Professionally, I started working as a translator for an international charity organization while a fourth year student of the State University, Department of Linguistics. After I graduated I continued with the same company and became Assistant to the Supervisor of two offices. Then my first son was born and I took a long maternity leave, at the same time I was studying Law for my second degree.
In 2002, I was involved in two job activities: first, I was hired as a part-time translator for the Volgograd Chamber of Commerce and, secondly, I held a full-time position as a Human Resource Manager and Legal Advisor at the Volgograd Biscuit Factory. As both of my degrees came into use, I really enjoyed the experience and challenges.
In 2005, our family decided to move to Israel. Like most new immigrants, we have struggled to learn the language, get to know the culture and traditions better, adjust to the climate, and learn the Land. Since our arrival, I’ve worked as a Receptionist and Office Manager, Translator. Currently I am working at the CMJ Heritage Center as a guide.


Tour Guides Maranatha Tours Best Guides

Guides Maranatha ToursYousef Khair: Biography

My name is Joseph khair I have been guiding groups in the last 20 years in the holy land I learned that this profession is like being an ambassador in your own country and should transmit my faith to all visitors , that’s what made me love my work .

Beside the English language I also guide Spanish speaking groups. I will be honored the serve you if you ever visit us in Israel



Ruby Azraq – Abu Sada:Guides Maranatha Tours Biography

About myself:
My name is Ruby Azraq – Abu sada, I am an Israeli Arab Christian. I was born in Jerusalem , the old city , 28 May 1972. My family is a Christian family who lives in Jerusalem since 10 generations . I am married, i have three boys: Issa (yeshua), George, Michael, all of them in the university and they are good Christians , active in the church like my husband, Shibly.

I am a qualified English speaking licensed tour guide from the holy land. I can suite myself to your personal needs and itinerary .

I am expertise in different areas especially biblical, historical and archaeological areas. I am familiar with the places as well as with the Israeli and Arabic culture and customs and I am fluent with both languages : Hebrew and Arabic. I am ensuring an informative commentary that brings each and every place to life. I will accompany you step by step to retrace our Lord’s footsteps as well as the biblical characters and kings. We will make every step a living testimony.

We will enjoy together the holiness of this land as well the richness of its history and diversity of its nature and people. I will help you to enjoy and live your heart desire of visiting the holy and at the end of the trip I will leave you with a thirst for a return trip.

I am doing this Job since three years after two years of studying and 120 tours in Haifa University. Before this I had my own office for insurance and accounting. Before it I had my own center for teaching courses for women, empowering the women in our society. I have a bachelor degree in Education, I taught Hebrew as a second language for the Arabs. I worked for six years in Jonathan Kuttab law firm as his office manager. I worked also for one year as a medical secretary in Saint Joseph Hospital. While doing my job, I was a member in the General Catholic Committee as a coordinator between the Israeli, Palestinian and Jordanian committees.

I speak the Arabic and the Hebrew languages as mother tongue, my English is excellent , I can speak French as well and I am learning Spanish at the moment.
My hobby and addiction is “studying” , I keep studying things, and this job as a Tour guide came as a coincidence, but I believe that God chose me to do this job. I registered to this course just to know more about my country. And I was the only Christian in this course, and I saw what my colleagues thought about Christianity and how they do this job as a job. I decided that when I finish this course and if I passed the exams I will quite my current job and do this mission : to receive my brothers and sisters and accompany them in their pilgrimage and make sure that they will get what they paid for , and make sure that their pilgrimage is not about stones and stories, but spiritual experience.

Tour Guides Maranatha Tours Best Guides

Guides Maranatha Tours

Julie Baretz: Biography

Julie Baretz has been a licensed Israeli tour guide since 1987. Born and raised in Nyack, New York, she moved to Israel in 1985 after completing a bachelor’s degree in English Literature at Union College in Schenectady, New York. She also holds a Master’s degree in Creative Writing from Bar Ilan University in Israel and a professional certificate in horticulture.

Julie’s literary training is behind her articulation of history, texts and stories throughout Israel. She specializes in Bible stories and is the author of a forthcoming book on the subject. Many years of experience in informal education have enabled her to hone an interpretive guiding style that probes, questions and leaves pilgrims with food for thought.

When she’s not guiding Julie reads voraciously, spends lots of time at the gym, meets friends for coffee and writes. She lives in Jerusalem with her husband, 21-year old twin daughters and Mitzi the cat.

Guides Maranatha ToursRaouf Karborani: Biography

My name is Raouf Jiries Shimon Karborani. I was born on April 10, 1965 in the Christian Quarter of the Old City of Jerusalem to a Christian family. I studied and graduated from a Catholic school known as Des La Salle High School. I speak four languages: English, Arabic, Hebrew and French.

I started working with different groups from different parts of the world when I decided that my priority would be to work with American Christian groups visiting Israel. I lead tour groups from different Christian denominational groups.

During the last ten years of Guiding, I have enhanced my own personal theological knowledge of the Bible through diligent study. My love for the Word of GOD and the Lord Jesus Christ has deepened as a result of this study and my work as a guide. Now all of my background enables me to explain the historical, geographical and biblical aspects of visiting the Holy Land so that my tour groups can understand the importance of their visit to the Land of the Bible.

I hope to continue spreading the Word of GOD to all nations, for I have always said visiting Israel will change the personal thoughts and emotions of people. The black and white pages of the Bible will become colorful and vivid for those who visit the land that GOD loves.

Biblical GuidesSleiman Rabadi: Biography

My name is Sleiman Rabadi and I am a father of two little girls. I was born into a Christian family in 1971 and lived most of my life next to the holy sites in Jerusalem . My favorite places to play were the old city streets of Jerusalem, the courtyard of the Holy Sepulcher and the terraces of the old city.

While growing up in this ancient city, I started to notice the influx of pilgrims and tourists, even when I was very young. I was captivated by the different people from all over the world who came to the city, all who shared a common interest in visiting the Christian sites. Later on I realized that faith is the common thing between them all and I also began to realize my own spiritually as a result.

Being born in Jerusalem and being able to visit the holy places anytime is an advantage and privilege you only realize later in life. Since Jerusalem is a place for living, studying and working for many of its indigenous people, they live another reality parallel to the pilgrims’. The moment that these two realities intersect you realize how blessed you are to be living in this holy city. You start seeing the very walls and streets differently and you realize that below the current city, 2000 years ago Jesus too lived here and eventually died and was resurrected here. The life of the city inside you moves you in a different direction, on a different journey. In my case I was blessed to join the pilgrims on their journey of faith. Each group I lead is another blessing and experience of faith in the ‘path of God’.

For the past five years, i have become involved in guiding pilgrims. before that, I worked as an economist and statistician. I also have an interest in anthropology, theology, archaeology and history. I like to travel and hike, I enjoy trying different cuisines and spending time with my family.

Next time we meet, be ready to explore the land of Jesus and the disciples of the Galilee. We will visit the town of Nazareth and the town of Jesus Capernaum. We will live the experience of Jesus’ pilgrimage to the Holy City and we will explore many texts of the Bible in the same locations where they occurred. What I can promise you is a new experience in life that will enrich you spiritually and bring you nearer to the scripture. You are only required to be ready physically and spiritually (We will have long walks on some days} Until then, God bless.

Tour Guides Maranatha Tours Best Guides


Guides Maranatha ToursSebnem Kececi: Biography

I have been passionately dedicated to guiding since 1989.

Meeting and learning from people from a range of backgrounds and sharing my enthusiasm for the varied and rich historical and biblical heritage of my beautiful country invigorates my soul and sustains my love for guiding.

An ever-lasting hunger for learning and reading are my personal passions, and travelling is among the deepest interests in life.

I enjoy walking on the off-beaten paths, leading me to think from a different perspective. The art and melody in all fields of studies, the beauty in nature and the human spirit, and an enduring appreciation for antiquities motivates me to be on the road.

My most profound source of inspiration is love of all beings. This and my personal interests and hobbies form the foundation of my work, which has been cultivated by years of guiding experience and education. And there is no greater gift than when my personal touches harmonize with the diverse and wonderful offerings of Turkey to warm the hearts of my guests, my companions in wanderlust.



Erturk Zobi:Guides Maranatha Tours Biography

Born in 1965 of Turkish descent, a proud one as I was named, I went through a dense science education before I switched to history, art and anthropology (after getting a bit wiser). I then worked in travel agencies, studied travel and hotel management, and received my guiding certificate in 1987, armored with the full theory and practice of traveling. I have been leading tours in Turkey ever since, trying to discover more of her sights and sounds… Yes, it is as great as it sounds…every moment spent here is rewarding… Come and join us!

Tour Guides Maranatha Tours Best Guides



Fadi Haddad:Guides Maranatha Tours Biography

FADI HADDAD, Biblical Travels’ Jordanian Guide. Here is how our delightful Jordanian guide, Fadi Haddad, describes himself:

Born in the northern city of Irbid (ancient Arbila) and living in Amman the capital of Jordan (ancient Amon or Philadelphia ), I grew up with so much history around! The fact that our Lord Jesus lived and taught in my land was always something very special to all the Christians in this land. I was born Christian. Actually, our family tree goes back as far as the 4th century A.D , a time when most of the people in this land were Christians.

Born as an Orthodox , married in a Catholic Church and attending Baptist, Evangelist, etc. meetings, I certainly feel like a real Christian!!! My one and only rule: “I am the way, the truth, and the life : no man cometh unto the father but by me.” (John 14:6) I studied Industrial Engineering at the University of Jordan.

After graduation I joined Noor Al Hussein Foundation – a foundation headed by H.M Queen Noor (the wife of late King Hussein of Jordan). Spending 5 years with this great foundation, I had the opportunity to see most parts of Jordan besides meeting with H.M Queen Noor and many members of the royal family and their VIP guests. My main mission was designing, implementing and training of projects aimed at the improvement of life of people (especially women) in the countryside of Jordan. Having then decided to study History and Archaeology, I passed the test held by the Ministry of Tourism in Jordan to become a tour guide, obtaining license “A” and the highest result in that exam for that year.

Now after some years in this field, the most important thing for me is to say many thanks to people who travel long distances to see my country. I am doing that by letting my guests feel home! “Feeling home, you must know what this home is like, and this is my job!”

I am a strong supporter of a just peace between Israel and the Arabs. I was invited in 1995 to accompany a Jordanian peace delegation, organized by the Royal Court, that visited Israel. We had a great chance to meet with late Israel Prime Minister Rabin and to talk with him about peace. We also met many ministers and parliament members in Israel .

Finally, we always say to people who are coming to this part of the world: “If you are in the Middle East, don’t miss Jordan. There is so much to see here!” And to people who are visiting Jordan: “We wish that you stay for a longer time; there is many more!”

Ruby Haddad: Biography

Ruby is a native-born Jordanian, married to a Palestinian, and both serve as tour guides based in the capital city of Amman. Ruby holds a university degree in chemistry, but early in her career she decided to master English and assist visitors from the West in appreciating the incredible beauty of “The Hashemite Kingdom.”

Ala Abu Amara:Guides Maranatha Tours Biography

My name is Ala’ Abu Amara, 43 years old, I was born in Jordan went around the world but always going back to Jordan. My first university degree was from the University of Jordan as a Literature student, that’s why I started speaking English, then I got many studies in different fields, as a horse owner I studied some veterinary ,Farriery and horse beauty judgment, I am an international horse beauty judge (do you believe it?). I also studied sales and marketing in Atlanta – Georgia in the United States ending with Archaeology and a very intensive high degree in the University of Jordan again to be a tour leader, I got an A degree that means that I can work all over the country, all the sites.

I’ve been reading and studying and reading and reading and reading …. that tourists consider ma as a knowledgeable guide, so your group will be in a safe hand touring with me.
I wanted to send you a CV but that will be so formal.
best regards

Tour Guides Maranatha Tours Best Guides



Essam Zeid:Guides Maranatha Tours Biography

ESSAM ZEID was born and raised in Egypt in 1970. Studied business administration and a post graduate diploma for guidance. I have been enjoying working with tourists from all over the world. Start to be specials in pilgrim’s American tour for the last 15+ years… My passion is to link the history to the land and both to the Old Testament and the holy book.
I live between Egypt and Chicago for the last five years and enjoy both of them equally. My favorite site in Egypt is every part of it, I still amazed with the pyramids every time I go there. But what I like the most is the magical city of Luxor… Where the history is all around.

My spare time is where I spend it travels all over the world and I very much love to read and walk by the sea. Father of three gorgeous kids and live just for them.

Osama Tewfik:Guides Maranatha Tours Biography

Osama Tewfik was born and raised up in Egypt, Land of the Pharaohs. He points out that it is the Land of the Bible, as well, with over 7000 years of history. Osama studied Egyptology and tourist guidance for 4 years after high school and has almost 20 years of experience in the tourism field. He is an English speaking tour guide, who works mostly with US citizens.
Osama’s favorite site in Egypt is the Egyptian museum. He describes it as having the richest Egyptian collection ever from all different time periods. According to Osama, “there are some interesting and biblical related pieces as well …come and see!”


Yasser Hussein:Guides Maranatha Tours Biography

Yasser was in born in Cairo in 1971. In 1996 Yasser graduated from the Faculty of Tourism and Hotels and has enjoyed working as a tour guide since 1998. He has had the pleasure of leading many American and British tour groups, specializing in Biblical, Academic, and Pilgrimage groups. During the past 15 years, Yasser has also assisted major production companies while they shoot films about Egypt.

In his spare time, he enjoys travelling, engaging in desert safaris, camping, reading, and spending time with his wife, daughter, and 2 sons.
Yasser’s favorite site in Egypt is Luxor. He describes it as an open air museum involving 7,000 years of fascinating history.

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