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Maranatha Tours Leading Christian Tour Operator History

The most important decision you will make regarding a Spiritual tour is choosing the company that will arrange the tour for you, and must be sure you receive the best tour for their dollars spent.  We present to you Maranatha Tours, Inc., family owned and operated for over 47 years.

Maranatha Tours Leading Christian Tour Operator History

We are Family Owned

Maranatha Tours was founded by Richard S. Reilly and Michael S. Reilly to promote Christian group travel.

Maranatha Tours Leading Christian Tour Operator History
Dick Reilly’s unique background as a missionary in India, director of a mission society for 16 years, pastor, evangelist and a Youth for Christ leader, brought unusual insight into the ways and means of successful group travel. Though Dick & Ruth Reilly have passed on, his Christian philosophy used in establishing Maranatha Tours lives on.

Maranatha Tours Leading Christian Tour Operator History

Dick’s son Michael, as President of Fellowship Tours for 16 years, managed one of the best tour operations for Christian group travel in the United States and has been President of Maranatha since its opening.

Greg Reilly Maranatha Tours

We are family owned and have his son, Greg “The Chef” Reilly as Maranatha Tours General Director.

Maranatha Tours Leading Christian Tour Operator History

His daughter Jennifer handling all of our operations.   You will be very pleased with our staff’s professionalism and our concern for each detail.

Christian tours in the Holy Land and Beyond

Maranatha Tours Leading Christian Tour Operator History

Maranatha Tours specializes in Christian tours that visit places of the Bible or history in Israel, Greece, Italy, Jordan, Egypt, Turkey, Europe and more.

Romans 10:9 “because, if you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved.”

We have set up one of the finest staffs in the travel industry. Our selected agents have years and years of experience. Our longevity in the Christian travel industry shows our strength and integrity. Every one of our agents has been with the Maranatha team for many years.  We have a consistency of service in each country where we have a group. If you are going to multiple countries, our staff has to make sure our groups are treated the same. Because of our picking caring people in each country, we have accomplished that task.

Local Biblical guides with over 40 years of experience.

Malcolm Cartier by Greg Reilly

We personally hand pick all our guides and tour escorts. We believe that the most important ingredient in a tour is your guide. We promise you that you will have one of the best guides each country offers. More than being one of the best, our guides will have a full knowledge of both the Old and New Testaments. 

Our guides only work with us. Therefore, they are experienced in Christian travel. They know our wants and yearning to learn  more of the Bible, and they deliver.

We only provide Christian group travel tours

Travel with Purpose Exodus Egypt & Jordan Tour
Our staff is trained only in Christian travel and through the years we have developed an expertise that no other company has. Making Maranatha Tours the #1 Christian Group Operator.

Our success is shown by our repeat passengers. Many have been traveling with us since 1972. Our tour hosts from across the country have traveled with us year after year. One of our tour hosts has traveled with us over twenty times.

We only deal with Christian group travel.

We are committed to making sure that each of our passengers has a life changing spiritual encounter as they stop reading the Bible in black and white only, and start reading it in full color. That is what traveling with Maranatha Tours does.

We are always available and each tour host will be able to reach us 24 hours a day. When an emergency arises we will be available to help solve the emergency. Sometimes in travel there are weather conditions, etc., that may cause delays. I promise we will be there to assist you through each and every obstacle. 

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