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Israel Tours Update July 2021 Maranatha Tours Group Tour – As countries open for groups to travel this summer, it is the best time to plan your next trip through the Bible. We are excited to offer a few “Return To Travel Specials” for 2022.  Space is limited so make sure you book your tour while they are available.

Israel Tours Update July 2021 Maranatha Tours Group Tour

Our first group since March 2020 traveled to Israel July 5-13, 2021 with Shay Chalfant from our office.  After a great experience, the passengers have returned with expanded biblical understanding, new friendships, and many cherished memories.  Although Israel does have restrictions to enter the country, these restrictions had little impact on the tour itself. The safety measures helped ensure the safety for not only the group but also for the people they had the opportunity to meet throughout their pilgrimage.   It was a truly unique time to visit the Holy Land. Our Maranatha Tours Group were able to really experience every site and see a few sites they usually do not have time for on our 9 day
Israel tour.

Arrival Tel Aviv
July 6, 2021

Israel Tours Update July 2021 Maranatha Tours Group Tour

We finally made it!  Many members of our group were scheduled to travel in early 2020 and had to postpone, some several times before finally making this journey. After months of planning, anticipation, and a lot of excitement, the group’s arrival at the Tel Aviv airport was a truly blessed moment.  They were in the Holy Land and their smiles (under their masks) could not be hidden! It was well worth the wait!

Israel Tours Update July 2021 Maranatha Tours Group Tour

Caesarea Philippi
July 6, 2021

 From the first moment forward our guide Foteh Mickel truly brought the Bible to Life.  His unique way of blending the cultural traditions at the time of our Lord, archeological finds, and the scriptures in a way that creates a new understanding we were all blessed to experience.   You could truly feel his excitement and passion not only for guiding but for bringing the scripture to life at each site we visited.

Israel Tours Update July 2021 Maranatha Tours Group Tour

 Sea of Galilee Boat Ride
July 8, 2021

The group celebrated every moment in his land.  There is nothing better than starting the day with a boat ride on the Sea of Galilee with friends sharing wonderful views, beautiful music, dancing, and even a few tears.

Caesarea Maritima
July 9, 2021

Israel Tours Update July 2021 Maranatha Tours Group Tour

A visit to Israel would not be the same without an opportunity to take in the beautiful Mediterranean while visiting Caesarea Maritima.

We had a unique visit to the Church of Nativity in Bethlehem.  As the only group in the church, we were fortunate to be able to spend a few minutes of reflection together.

Since we were one of the first groups to return to Bethlehem you can see our Maranatha Tours Group on Reuters “Tourists trickle back to Bethlehem’s holy sites 

Israel Tours Update July 2021 Maranatha Tours Group Tour

Western Wall Tunnel
“Rabbi Tunnel”
July 11, 2021

Every site on the itinerary was open, or happy to open for our group.  The staff and even the local people visiting the sites greeted the group with excitement to see a group in the country and welcomed the group with smiles. They felt truly welcomed throughout all of Israel.

Since the sites were not crowded we were even able to visit a few additional sites along the way.  We visited the Western Wall Tunnel touching foundation stones of the Second Temple which is normally only visited on our 10-day tours. WOW!

Israel Tours Update July 2021 Maranatha Tours Group Tour

Birthday Celebration and Farewell Dinner
July 12, 2021

There is no better way to end such a memorable visit to Israel. Happy Birthday to Pastor Kyo Cummings. Thank you for sharing your Birthday with us in Israel.

For those who are still contemplating a trip to Israel as well as those who have tours planned, one of our Tour Hosts Pastor Randy Beals wanted to share a few words about his visit to Israel with Maranatha Tours in July 2021. As countries open up it’s time for you to plan your next trip through the Bible!

It’s time for you to plan your trip of a lifetime in the Holy Land!

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