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Explore Kalambaka Meteora Greece – A Trip to Greece would not be complete without a night  in Kalambaka and a visit to Meteora.  Meteora is a UNESCO World Heritage Site whose name was derived from a Greek contraction meaning “suspended in the air.”  The sandstone megaliths on which the monasteries were built average 1,000 feet  in height, with several reaching 1,800 feet.

Explore Kalambaka Meteora Greece Travel with Purpose Maranatha Tours

Kalambaka Meteora Greece –  is a town and seat of the Municipality of Meteora in the Trikala regional unit, part of Thessaly in Greece. The Metéora monasteries are located near the town. Kalambaka is the northwestern terminal of the old Thessaly Railways.

Explore Kalambaka Meteora Greece Travel with Purpose Maranatha Tours

Explore Kalambaka Meteora Greece Travel with Purpose Maranatha Tours

Meteora Monasteries Greece Access to the monasteries was originally (and deliberately) difficult, requiring either long ladders latched together or large nets used to haul up both goods and people. This required quite a leap of faith – the ropes were replaced, so the story goes, only “when the Lord let them break. Until the seventeenth century, the primary means of conveying goods and people from these eyries was by means of baskets and ropes

Explore Kalambaka Meteora Greece Travel with Purpose Maranatha Tours

Visiting Meteora Greece – Our groups enjoy a chance to visit St. Stephen’s Monastery which today is the most accessible.  St. Stephen’s Monastery includes two cathedrals; the old 16th century chapel which was severely damaged during WWII and the consequent Greek Civil War, and the 18th century main cathedral that is dedicated to Saint Charalambos and includes his holy relics.

Footsteps of Paul Tour 

8 Days In Greece

A journey to Greece! We want to invite you on an unforgettable journey
in the footsteps of Paul which is filled with ancient biblical history, culture
and spiritual blessings. Visit the sites important to the ministry of Paul
and history of the Empire of ancient Greece.

This journey will provide you a deeper understanding of scriptures
traveling thru the lands of the Bible. You will get a closer look at the life
of Paul and His mission of redemption. When you make this journey in
the company of friends and others of like mind, you can look forward to
an unforgettable experience. Picture yourself in biblical cities you’ve
always read about like Athens, Corinth, Thessalonica, Philippi, Berea
and more.

You can read your way through the New Testament, or you can bring it
to life with an all-inclusive trip to where it all took place. At the end of this
tour two things will most certainly be changed, you, and your
understanding of the Bible.

Join us on this life changing tour.

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