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Egypt tours are back and better than ever! If you’ve ever wanted to visit Egypt, the price is right and the time is now. The reason I went to Egypt is to be able to say that Egypt is safe. I knew the answer before I left but the proof is in going, seeing, listening, understanding, and believing.

The new Egypt is free!!! From the porter at the hotel, to the owner of Travelers (our agent for 21 years), there is a new smile, a new confidence, and a new life. In the videos and pictures you will see this.  For those that have not been to Egypt, it is not a backward country. This is the dynasty of the pharaohs and an advanced tourism structure, boasting with buses, hotels, and other travel accommodations.  We can make our choice to go to Egypt, and the rewards are very big. As Americans, we want to see a free Egypt. Moreover, we want to see a stability of freedom ringing in this land for years to come. We can help, it’s easy: plan your next trip with Egypt in mind. Help them financially create a new Egypt by visiting them!

Come with Maranatha Tours and Walk Where Jesus Walked! From Genesis To Revelation We Can Take You There!

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Want some really Good and Easy recipes? Check out Chef Reilly as we find some great recipes and cook thru the Bible.


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    The most important decision you will make regarding a Spiritual tour is choosing the company that will arrange the tour for you. You are responsible to and for your people and must be sure they receive the best tour for their dollars spent. We present to you Maranatha Tours, Inc., and suggest you compare other companies to Maranatha before making a commitment.

    Maranatha Tours specializes in Christian tours that visit places of the Bible or history that has developed our knowledge of the Bible and believes it is a ministry as well as a business. We have established a record of service and growth unique in this very competitive market.

    TIP OF THE WEEK: Going on Tour or visiting another state for vacation? Want to be a Foodie? Greg “The Chef” Reilly from Traveling Thru The Bible Show explains what we can do to make our trip even better. Find that restaurant know one knows about and really become a foodie on tour. Make sure you try the Local food on tour, it will enhance your trip. Foodie on tour!


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