Church in Sardis Tour Seven Churches of Revelation

Church in Sardis Tour Seven Churches of Revelation

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Sardis Turkey Ancient City Seven Churches of Revelation
“Return to Travel” Special 2022

Church in Sardis Tour Seven Churches of Revelation

Sardis – was the capital of the ancient kingdom of Lydia, one of the important cities of the Persian Empire, the seat of a Seleucid Satrap,  and the metropolis of the province Lydia in later Roman and Byzantine times. As one of the seven churches of Asia, it was addressed in the Book of Revelation in the New Testament, in terms which seem to imply that its church members did not finish what they started, that they were about image and not substance.

Church in Sardis Tour Seven Churches of Revelation

Sardis Gymnasium – The most imposing building of Roman Sardis is the courtyard of the Bath-Gymnasium complex. The two-story colonnaded space known as the Marble Court was originally separate from the baths and was used for special ceremonies. An inscription on the first story (with red-painted letters) dedicates this space to the Roman Imperial family and records that the hall was gilded by the city and two ladies of consular rank the sarcophagus of one of these ladies, Claudia Antonina Sabina, was found at Sardis and is in the Istanbul Archaeological Museum.

Church in Sardis Tour Seven Churches of Revelation

Sardis Church “Church M” was a small, fourth-century mortuary chapel and the earliest extant Christian church at Sardis built on the abandoned grounds of the Hellenistic Greek Temple of Artemis on the Acropolis. Its close proximity to Church EA suggests an attempt at urban expansion through the creation of a ‘Christian quarter’ outside the walls of Sardis.

“Return to Travel” 7 Churches of Revelation Tour Special 2022 

9 Days in Turkey with optional Bosphorus Cruise & More of Turkey & Cappadocia

A journey to the 7 Churches of Revelation! We want to invite you on an unforgettable journey in the footsteps of Paul which is filled with ancient biblical history, culture and spiritual blessings. Join us on a spiritual adventure that will
bring the Bible alive.

This journey will provide you a deeper understanding of scriptures traveling through the lands of the Bible. There are more Biblical Sites in Turkey than in any other country and it is known as the 2nd Holy Land. Not only will you visit the site of each of the Seven Churches, you will visit the actual places that the New Testament letters were penned or received. Imagine being in Ephesus, site of so many teachings that establish our salvation.

You can read your way through the New Testament, or you can bring it to life with an all‐inclusive trip to where it all took place. At the end of this tour two things will most certainly be changed, you, and your understanding of the Bible.

Join us on this life changing tour.

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