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When you tour with Maranatha Tours, we take you to Yardenit, also known as the Yardenit Baptismal Site which is frequented by Christian pilgrims. This is the well-known baptism site located along the Jordan River in the Galilee region of northern Israel. The baptism of Jesus (Matthew, 3:13-17) actually took place in Qasr el Yahud, north of the Dead Sea and east of Jericho. For centuries, Qasr al Yahud was the most important baptism site for pilgrims, and monasteries and guest houses were established near it. After the Six-Day War Qasr el Yahud became a frontier area, located on the border between the state of Israel and Jordan. As a result, the Israeli Ministry of Tourism decided to establish this site in 1981 as a replacement site. As a result, “Yardenit” became the only regulated baptism site on the Israeli side of the river, until the reopening of Qasr el Yahud site in 2011.

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